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Crit Juice is a podcast and video series following professional actors & comedians playing Dungeons and Dragons while under the influence.

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Finally! I can put this up!

So, for the last five or six months iv’e been working on this map based on the kick ass city of Blazestone from the podcast Crit Juice, one of my absolute favorite podcast. If you enjoy DnD or board games, or just like laughing until you pee a little, give the show a listen. You wont be disappointed!

 I hope to be doing more maps in the future, and would love to do more freelance Dungeons and dragons maps for original campaigns. If interested, please feel free to contact me! 


also, atmosphere- e-music crap ~♪♬

very important…

We can’t even handle this. Too cool.


Tonight’s the Night!!!

(To be read like an old radio boxing announcer)
Will Doc dole (Dorn) out some pain medicine to Gub or will Gub be adding another tattoo? Can Arience reign supreme in the fight and magically maneuver around Darj or will the Bluffter Bunny make chaos causing Arience’s ThunderBlood to spill? Will Gralford finally prove that Wolf’s bark is worse than his bite or will Wolf dwarf his competition with a slew of arrows? Find out tonight at Pub Knights!

Clearly we’re super excited!

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Welcome to the skulls podcast. More skulls, and cleaner than yesterday. This should be the last time I post these on her until they’re fired. Something different and hopefully more exciting tomorrow.

These are awesome. Hell, all your sculpts are awesome!